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In particular, the Arabs have benefited from social services which could not have been provided on the existing scale without the revenue obtained from the Jews.

The ethnography collections, which had been housed in the short-lived Museum of Mankind at 6 Burlington Gardens fromwere returned to new purpose-built galleries in the museum in The scheme for the development of the Huleh district is commended.

This is the part of Palestine in which the Jews have retained a foothold almost if not entirely without a break from the beginning of the Diaspora to the present day, and the sentiment of all Jewry is deeply attached to the "holy cities" of Safad and Tiberias.

The collection is divided up into four main information areas: There is over-centralization and insufficient liaison between Headquarters Departments and the District Administration. On the other hand, 1 the Jews would acquire a new right of sovereignty in the Jewish Area; 2 that Area, as we have defined it, would be larger than the existing area of Jewish land and settlement; 3 the Jews would be freed from their present liability for helping to promote the welfare of Arabs outside that Area.

The present system of Land Courts is contributory to delay. The Newspapers section was based in Colindale in North London british library events business planwhen the buildings, which were considered to provide inadequate storage conditions and to be beyond improvement, were closed and sold for redevelopment.

For almost years researchers came here to consult the museum's vast library. The Jews of Palestine are as fit to govern themselves as any organized and educated community in Europe. Tel Aviv has unique problems of its own caused by its phenomenal growth during the last five years.

Meanwhile, the Government of Palestine, which is at present an unsuitable form for governing educated Arabs and democratic Jews, cannot develop into a system of self-government as it has elsewhere, because there is no such system which could ensure justice both to the Arabs and to the Jews.

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In the same year the Act of Parliament establishing the British Library was passed, separating the collection of manuscripts and printed books from the British Museum.

In any further discussion of the project of a British University in the Near East the possibility should be carefully considered of locating it in the neighbourhood of Jerusalem or Haifa.

In the aggregate, however, a large amount of land is fit for afforestation but not for cultivation, and the Commission endorse a policy of afforestation of steep hillsides to prevent erosion the prevention of grazing on land fit for afforestation, and, where practicable, the establishment of village forests for the benefit of neighbouring cultivators.

In the trustees purchased the 69 houses surrounding the museum with the intention of demolishing them and building around the west, north and east sides of the museum. This offers more than million items includingjournal titles, 50 million patents, 5 million reports,US dissertations andconference proceedings for researchers and library patrons worldwide which were previously unavailable outside the Library because of copyright restrictions.

It is the largest public building constructed in the United Kingdom in the 20th century.

British Palestine Mandate: Text of the Peel Commission Report

The Christians of the world cannot be indifferent to the justice and well-being of their co-religionists in the Holy Land. They now house the museum's collections of Prints and Drawings and Oriental Antiquities. The Mandate for Trans-Jordan ought not to be relinquished without securing, as far as possible, that the standard of administration should not fall too low through lack of funds to maintain it; and in this matter the British people might fairly be asked to do their part in facilitating a settlement.

An attempt should be made to strengthen those few local councils which still exist in the Arab rural areas, but the Commission do not favour an attempt at present to revivify councils which have broken down or to create new ones unless there is a genuine demand for them.

The Commission recognise the difficulties of the British Administration, driven from the first to work at high pressure with no opportunity for calm reflection. Find out about all events organised by the British Library; the latest exhibitions, special events and lectures.

Book your ticket now! Welcome to the British Council's library in India. Our library brings you the very best of British content, from inspirational live events at our centres to online features celebrating UK culture. Small Group Meeting Rooms are available free at the Science, Industry and Business Library for groups of people working on a business project.

Time slots are for one or two hours and Wi-Fi is available. CSAE events provide association and not for profit staff with sector specific learning and professional development.

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CSAE events consistently deliver value and keep you informed about developing trends, best practices, and practical solutions. In order to obtain Arab support in the War, the British Government promised the Sharif of Mecca in that, in the event of an Allied victory, the greater part of the Arab provinces of the Turkish Empire would become independent.

The Arabs understood that Palestine would be. Gifts can be designed to feature your business’ logo, colours or a personal message. Ideal for corporate days, business functions and events, the Museum’s selection of gifts are perfect souvenirs for yourself and your colleagues.

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